Pugs & Pillows

What is the deal with Pugs?  They are popular enough to take over the Super Bowl marketing demographic.  The entire demographic.  You can find them in Social Media, Doritos ads, Mountain Dew ads, interior design and furniture store ads.  Just to name a few…  I see some right now, in my lap.  

 Oh yes, I am one of those lucky pug parents.  They make my world spin, and I keep their world comfortable.  These little lovers are amazing.  They sleep 15-20 hours each day -snuggling anyone who happens to be nearby.  They are small enough to travel within commercial  regulations.  They listen to everything I say; the head tilts show the interest level.    Granted, they can’t take on another animal or intruder; but I wouldn’t want them to.  I couldn’t live with myself if they (pugs) got hurt.  I cringe and hug my snoring, lap warmers at just the thought of it.

My friends discuss Crate Training with their dogs.  I respond with details and pictures of the cutest pillow I recently purchased for my snorting fur babies.  My sister and her family go hiking and camping with her Australian Shepards.  I drive to Starbucks with my darlings dressed to impress (who doesn’t adore a pug in a sweater?).  My sweet children of fur rule the roost and I have no problem with it. 

Road trip!
You see, for me, this breed has stolen my heart.  I love that they have become the divas of advertising.  These four legged, snorting, attentive, loving balls of fur are my home-sweet-home.  I find their snorts and snores endearing. 
And honestly, I feel honored that they choose my lap over any fancy pillow, every chance they get.  The pillows are for them when my lap is not available anyway.

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