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Writing Right

I’m a teacher -high school English, to be more precise.  I have access to most of the great writers from across the world and ages.  I sip Mocha Cappuccino while I score papers or read for fun.  It’s who I am.  It’s what I do.

I listen when teens dramatize the world to fit their egos.  I listen to administration when the “Out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new” speeches just so happen to reflect the current political jargon.  I hear colleagues vent the same frustrations each Autumn.  Yet, I try to mind my own…

Each year with students is the same…  We read, write, revise and publish in class.  Inevitably some well-meaning student will ask, “Do you, like write, like, when you get chances?”  

My standard reply is “No, not really, I’m too busy with grading and stuff.”  Most students nod and mentally move back into the original lesson.  I simply slide back into teaching the curriculum.  

I openly praise the creativity and tenacity of writers throughout the academic year.  I help students find their voice and teach them how to get it on paper (or software).  It’s a telling experience for me.  Strange though,  I don’t make the time for myself to find my voice and go through the writing process. 

I have purchased blank journals which are beautiful, or recyclable, as well as some cheap spiral notebooks.  I buy my ideal pens –medium point with roller ball technology.  I have helped friends edit and self publish their personal manuscripts.  But I haven’t done any of my recommendations for myself.  I have been a hypocrite.

This realization hit me like an intentional slug to my gut.  It hurts.  I wince, buckle my knees, fold at my waist and then peer up at my assailant whispering, “Whyyyyyyyy?”

Enter  My blog.  I have a blog!  I’m writing!  It’s my internal voice!  I can hear myself in the posts that I write!   This is incredible!  Once I get something typed in, my brain is already planning tomorrow’s post.  I’m addicted.  I can see the headlines now… “Local English Teacher Goes from Hypocrite to Addict!  Read more……”

Now, I sit on my over-stuffed chair -sipping my Mocha Cappuccino and writing my blog for today.  Do I have it made or what?!  Awesome-sauce!  😎

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