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Cell Phones in the classroom…  To Be or Not To Be.

Cell Phones in the classroom…

This is a major concern these days.  I have read the research, it is not pretty.  Each school has their own policy which ranges from banishment to blind trust in the teens.  Some say banishing the phones is asking for a fight.  Others say allowing phones is increasing the screen time which is already ridiculous.  If you have or deal with teens, you have experienced this dilemma.

What is your opinion on this topic?

1 thought on “Cell Phones in the classroom…  To Be or Not To Be.”

  1. I’m torn on this one. I am a 4th grade teacher and I have students who bring cell phones to school because they walk. As a parent, I completely understand that, as I had my child do the same thing. My child is in high school now and has her phone on her all the time. It’s a comfort to me to be able to have contact with her with the crazy after school schedules that we both have. However, she knows the cell phone doesn’t interfere with school. It’s a privilege that if abused, she will lose. That being said, I know that the rules for cells phones also differ from classroom to classroom. Some teachers sit on their own phones and don’t care if the kids do either.

    Bottom line, students are going to have phones. If they are not respectful of the classroom environment by using them at inappropriate times, they should be taken until the end of the hour. Unfortunately, I know as well as you do that parental support on this issue would not be 100%. Those who abuse the policy will be the ones who’s parents will complain that you took away their “personal property.” Maybe cell phone etiquette should be a high school course?? 😀

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