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One Man’s Trash…

“… I heard about your husbands’ job this morning… What are you guys gonna do now?”

I looked up from my phone and saw the genuine concern on the face of a true friend.  I simply said, “Jeez it’s just too soon to even fully comprehend.  Ya know?”

“Oh, yeah.  I mean, when so & so told me what so & so told her, that your husband was talking about with those other people, I was really surprised at how well you’re holding up.  Like you need something else on your plate right now.  Jeez.”

I nodded agreeably, and accepted her shoulder/half-hug thing and I turned toward my classroom.  End of conversation.  However, NOT the end of my mental over-drive.  I had questions to ask, information to make sense of and reconsideration of upcoming out-of-budget expenses.  

Besides, what the hell is she talking about?!   Let me think…

Yes, my husband works directly with all of the individuals she mentioned.  

Yes, she would be concerned about me/us personally if a good reason presented itself.  

No, he’s not part of the Teamster Union which usually works this sort of thing out before it gets “out”.

So what am I missing?  Ah yes, but of course!  What was I thinking? 

I just need to go over those spindly details from, “…that’s right folks!” My husband!  It’s probably just a rumor or someone else with the same name.  He would have told me if his position was being cut, as soon as he found out.  That’s what marriage is about… communication (and tax write-off’s, but I digress.) right?  Besides, there is NO WAY that he would air his /our fiscal strife to multiple people.  Isn’t that one of the taboo topics in polite company?  Maybe he just wants to tell me when he has more information…


After an awkward silence during dinner he brought it up.  Haphazardly,  none-the-less.  I played it cool.  He changed the subject.  Damn.  Now what?  I wait; like a sloth.  My movements are slight and I’m very quiet.  I don’t want to risk not hearing him.  

Well, poop.  That wasn’t going to work.  He is one tough nut.  

The evening slips into night and then morning begins it’s rise.  Ok.  I’m done playing nice.  So I ask him, “Anything new at work?”  The story unfolds.  We discuss options and leave it, knowing we will need to revisit it later.  The issue with the job is manageable and doesn’t worry me too much.

What I do take issue with is that I heard about a potentially fiscal shattering  decision first, elsewhere.  And on top of that, his “trash” i..e. unfortunate situation, was someone else’s “treasure” in the rumor mill.  Does someone take pleasure in discussing my family downfalls?  Is it that we live in “Small Town, USA” and everyone is fair game?  Why?  Just, why?

Does it matter?  

After all,  if no one was harmed in the trickle down and the situation/topic is manageable, why am I bothered enough to write about it?  As my friend so kindly pointed out earlier… Like I need something else on my plate.

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