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Personification and the Air Conditioner

Personification:   Personification is a figure of speech in which a thing, an idea or an animal is given human attributes. The non-human objects are portrayed in such a way that we feel they have the ability to act like human beings.  ( Example:   and last but not least, “The motor in the AC unit needs to rest.”

The motor in the air conditioner is a very sore topic between my husband and me.  You see,  I prefer it to be on and stay on.   My husband doesn’t.  He has said all too often that as long as I control the temperature, he gets to control the fan inside the air conditioner.  I think the key word there is “control”.   I don’t think he realizes how much more the motor has to work to manage the temperature when it goes off/on off/on off/on.

Nevermind the fact that our electric bill is on a super saver plan, which keeps each month’s bill the same.  Or that I get to live in a body where no one is in control of its temperature and I have hot flashes out of nowhere- little maniacal fire bastards!  

How about the reality of pets in the house  and having the air moving keeps it from becoming musty?  Or that our living area is surrounded by windows and the summer sun creates a magnifying heat?   I finally bought sheers for the windows this year, they help, but they don’t keep the room cool.  Therefore, the idea of personifying a motor as “needing rest because it shouldn’t have to run” is not really about concern for “Mary Motor” (-names have been changed or assigned to protect the innocent.).  To me, it’s a good excuse to control my comfort zone with the “temperature in the room.”  

Fearing the stereotype of Captain Obvious, I have to say, MOTORS ARE DESIGNED, CREATED AND EXPECTED TO RUN.  If it happens to die, or break, we will purchase a new one.  There isn’t a prize for the owner of the longest/oldest  lasting motor.  New one’s might actually work better, so if we run this one into the ground, it is going to be okay.  Really.  Whew! I feel better now.  I needed to get that off my chest.

Personification is a great tool for authors.  It has a way of adding depth and humor to conversations as well as fiction/narrative text.  However, using personification within a justification for an argument is just… weird.  That’s when I start to get amused because I realize what you are trying; and well, your ineptitude at “taking a stand “ is going to make you eligible for a special lesson from an English teacher or politician.  

So, to my darling husband, I applaud your attempts to run with the big dogs in the world of Literary Devices.  My heart goes out to you and your lack of argument evidence or stance.  

Just quit messing with the air conditioner!  I already paid for it and I want to have it on, dammit!

I love ya man!  I really do!

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