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What Do Snapple, A Gas Credit Card and Bai Have In Common?

I’m a big kid now!
When I was in college, for my undergrad, my mother gave me a gas station credit card that she would pay for.  Awesome! Right?  I asked her what the catch was, she replied “Just don’t be ridiculous with it.  Deal?”  With complete understanding, I said “Deal.”  We shook on it and shortly after, she moved to Kansas.

I loved having a credit card that was being paid for by anyone but me!  Granted, it was only for gas; but still…  By the second billing cycle, my mom called me.  I answered feeling happy-go-lucky, “Hi!  How’s Kansas?”  My mother’s response wasn’t sounding as perky as she usually did.  So I asked, “Are you ok?”  

Her response was “What is Snapple?  And since when do gas stations have a grocery section?”

She was calm, but not in a good way.  My mind was racing.  Ok, I may have been too excited about the credit card and realized that it could get me ‘traveling food’ too.  

When I ran out of food in my dorm I would just jaunt over to the gas station.  I didn’t think that I was being ridiculous by any means.

My turn, “Ummmm, Snapples are a wonderful drink… they are usually in the refrigerator section with juices.  Why do you ask?”

“Snapples aren’t necessary for the car to run, right?”  Ouch, she was not happy.

“Hmmmmm they are for the driver.  (Uncomfortable giggle). Jeez, it’s no biggie.  When I fill up on gas, I run inside the little store and stock up on Snapples. (I admit, this is when my teenage attitude kicked in…). Am I not allowed to drink Snapple?!  It’s healthy for goodness sakes!”


“Seriously mom, I’m in college now.  You need to realize that controlling what I eat and drink is not your job anymore.”  Boy was I dumb.

Silence.  Deep breathing and whispering one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.  Deep breath.  She was getting ready to put me and my attitude in my place.  Crap!

“I know how old you are, believe me.  Second, if you keep being a brat, I will close the credit card account.  What the hell are you buying at the gas station store?  Obviously Snapple, but what else?  Your bill is almost $200.00!”

Uh-oh.  This is not going to end well.  “Are you here?”

“Do not try to change the subject!  No, I am not ‘there’, which is probably a good thing currently.  So, back to your purchases… how much is a Snapple?”

“Ummmm, like $2.49 each.  Plus I usually get milk and munchies too, like Cheetos, gum or candy.”  My voice was shaking.  At the time I thought that I was angry and that’s why I was shaking.  Now I realize that I was scared.  She was going to kill me… a bit too over dramatic.

“Well, if you don’t stop buying stupid and unnecessary items from the gas station plan on paying for your own gas.”

I realized (finally) that she was ticked because I was, indeed, ridiculous with the card.  She wasn’t challenging my attempts at independence.  I reacted like an immature snot!  I felt bad.  I pinky promised that I wouldn’t use the card for groceries anymore.

My mom realized my misunderstanding of her argument.  We chatted awkwardly about random things; and as we were getting ready to hang up, she said “So no more extra things on the card.  Right?”

“Yep!  Oh! Hey! Can I still get Snapples though?”


Hmmmmm.  Guess not.  Major Bummer.

**Fast forward twenty years**

My mom and I both reside in N.E. MI now and we do road trips for shopping and appointments.  On one such road trip, we stopped for gas.  I went inside the store to use the restroom.  She was outside filling the car up.  On my way back to the car, I noticed my new favorite beverage in the refrigerator section.  I didn’t see her walking in.  

She stopped abruptly when she saw me looking at the juice section.  By that point I had managed to grab three or four to take to the register.  I wanted to drink one in the car… duh.

She walked up to me and asked, “What are you doing?  We need to hit the road.”

“I’m looking for my coconut water, it’s from a company called Bai.  So far I can only see the blueberry.

Of course you are… *sigh.  Seriously?  How much is it?”

“Hey, at least it’s not a Snapple!  This is $2.49.  And I’m going to get a few; we are out of them at home.  Plus, I’m buying.  Want one?”  I was going out of my way to be a bratty snot.

“Ha!  No thanks.”

I stared at her for a minute and hoped that this was funny for her like it was for me…  She looked back at me and smirked.  

Yep, it’s funny.  Phew!

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