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“They’re both idiots!”

I called my dad a few days ago just to say “hi” and catch up on life.  He answered the phone with “Yeah, this is Jim.  What?”

“Hey!  Dad! It’s me.  What’s wrong?”

“Nothin’ but America proved how ignorant it is by landing these… two… idiots, as candidates for President.”

This is where I usually point out that politics, religion and money were something we all (family) agreed to keep to ourselves.  But he was going after both of the candidates as a whole and I actually agreed with him… for once.  So I let him rant, he let me rant; and all problems of the world were solved in about twenty minutes.  

Hunh, crazy, right?  He had a lot of good info from his generation’s  view and I did from my vantage point as well.  The bottom line was that America deserves better.  We have a rep to protect!  Since when did pop culture start calling the shots?  Would somebody please tell me how this all fell together?  

I honestly believed that Donald Trump announcing his bid, made me laugh.  It made a large group of people laugh.  When Hilary announced her bid, I sighed and thought here we go again.  There were 28 other people who announced their bids as well, so I didn’t think any of this would get past level one, much less to their final weekend before the vote.  I can’t imagine many who did.

I still haven’t decided who I will vote for… it’s only the last Sunday before Tuesday’s election.  I’m actually procrastinating!  (SHOCK!  Horror!).

Can’t we all (Americans) get to pause  on Tuesday until some legitimate candidates come forward?  

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