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“You Write Too Deep For Me.”  quoth my love.

I read my blogs aloud to my husband.  Sometimes I ask him to read them aloud  to me.  It’s a form of editing…  Alas, it is not as much fun for him as I had hoped. 😳

His concerns are getting all of the leaves 🌾🍂🍃 into our compost pile and making sure the snowblower is ready to go.  He also dotes on his vehicle and has a strict service plan which there is no ignoring.  He is also vehement about bowling with his team each week.

His phone has four or five apps for word searches, NASCAR, At Bat, and Delta Airlines.  He does his puzzles when he is not busy.📱. He is a firm believer in afternoon naps, cold milk and warm cookies.  🍪🍪 He is retired from the Air Force (twenty years, multiple locations around the world, and well-trained in defense strategies).  I can’t tickle him and plan to escape unscathed.  He’s got spidey-skilz.
He has a soft spot for pets, which explains why we have 4 dogs, 3 cats and eight chickens.    He has accepted my rationale for not killing bugs or random things inside our home.🏡.  (This is for a different blog post.)

 He doesn’t care to know about Doby from Harry Potter.  He chooses to read novels in the True Crime section of Barnes and Noble.  He is resilient and strong.  I have seen him cry, swear at the cloudless sky and be invincible.  He growls when he’s frustrated, yells when he’s angry and is a big teddy bear when I cuddle up to him. 🐻

He is a gentleman who opens doors and is courteous.  He is honorable and realistic, gallant and respectful.  Given that times are changing,  as well as our perception of perfection; traits of a true gentleman are still important.  However, his not being well-read in the volumes of world acclaimed fiction literature is not a deal breaker 📚 for me.  I have laid claim to this trait.  We each have our specialties.

For example, any item I ask him to retrieve from our pantry or freezer are simply “not there”.  He checked (sigh, eye roll).  It is evident that I must be truly magical,  because I am able to locate said item- every time.  I call this “The Ron Y Chromosome Nothing Box”.  This trait happens during football games and NASCAR  each weekend.

Another specialty which has managed to miss its mark is Creativity in anything. Prime example…I  like to make up stories about people on an airplane and it’s usually random things or specific celebrities or criminals… I encourage him to play along but his replies are “Each plane is full of all kinds of people, who are safely on their way to somewhere.”  

Duh 🙄. I was just trying to entertain us.  No avail… Booooo!

I don’t ever claim to be logical, rationale or street smart; however I am Mall/ Shopping savy.   I will do the math, harness the deals and recognize the labels, brands, preferences, etc.  I know that we usually have this, not that.  When he goes out to pick up an ingredient or something, he will return empty handed; or worse!  He gets the absolute worst version of it.  I do screen shots  on google of products we use to compile grocery lists.  This has been a wonderful solution for The Ron Y Chromosome Nothing Box phenomenon.

I know that he is not without his charms and quirks.  Those are my kryptonite.  He manages to remain endearing and in my heart  -even when he’s holding the nastiest coffee creamer, ever.

But the best thing about him is that he is mine.  💞. We belong together, we are a family -fur and feathers included.  

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