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Mirrors and Windows

(*Disclaimer:  I do not portend to be a glass officianto, nor am I philosophical philanthropic.)

Mirrors and windows are both glass, the exception is that the mirrors have a side which is painted and treated to produce a reflection.  Although, one can easily glance into a window and see their reflection as well.  Maybe it’s a matter of subconscious in which we see our true selves.  

Personally, I wonder …

  • Are reflections philosophical or tangible?
  • If we stare at one for too long, do we forget to look at the other?
  • Is it a shame to criticize what we refuse to see?
  • When do we accept responsibilities for what we see and ignore?
  • Is our truth the same in the reflection and the outside world?
  • Do the walls of windows allow for a glance in the past?
  • Can we learn from the reflections and clarity in the sheets of glass?

I have broken mirrors and windows -not intentionally of course (well maybe a few).   I have cleaned up the shards left behind.  I have even found joy in what I saw  -not often, yet still acknowledged.  I have found comfort behind walls of glass.  I have searched for wisdom as well.  I usually find it to be a game of strategy.  My insecurities know which level and type of glass to avoid.

Ironically, Spectacles 👓 whether single or the now traditional double are the only way that some can see anything at all!  

What about telescopes 🔭 or microscopes🔬?  Each rendered useless without their lenses.  And for the romantics, we have some beautiful beach glass strewn around the world.  There are glass pieces which date back to 1350 bce.  I am amazed!

Glass doesn’t allow me the reel to reel playback of my past.  My mind has access to that.  My connotative heart has always played a part in my future decisions.  I certainly don’t want to forget or unlearn the lessons learned; but these things are not in my mirrors or within the view my windows offer.

In my mind, I believe that the reason for not being able to see anything from my past in my mirrors or windows is because the here and now has so much to offer.

“I was alive and I waited for this/ Right here, right now/ There is no other place I want to be/ Right here, right now/ Watching the world wake up from history.”

Plus, truly, I should want live in the moment as this is the truest time of reckoning that happens when I can use all six senses to guide me. Yes, I wrote six senses, it is intentional 

Que sirrah, sirrah!  Whatever will be, will be.  The future’s not ours to see.  Que sirrah, sirrah.”

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