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☀️ Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do ☀️

I think that I was five years old when this happened…

I had just finished my lunch on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  My mom had all of the windows open and there was enough of a breeze to blow the scent of freshly mowed grass throughout the house.

We lived in a small (now, but huge then) house in a normal neighborhood.  We were friends with the neighbors and all of us kids used the street lamps for curfews.

My dad went through the kitchen to get the lawn mower in our backyard.  I watched him mow the grass and chewed on my pb&j slowly washing it down with grape KoolAid.  

My mind wandered to the “stuffy hospital” … my favorite bear was in “ER”because he needed surgery and a bath.  I had a Walrus named Wilma who was there too her tusk fell off.  My mom promised to let me know when they could come out to play again.  {sigh}

The steady sound of my dad mowing had stopped and he was switching from the backyard to the front yard.  He came inside, drank some water and washed his face.  It was warm and the yard was dusty.  He took off his t-shirt and headed to the front yard.

My mom asked me what I wanted to do that afternoon… I really wanted to play with my Walrus and Bear; but we both agreed that running through the sprinkler would be ok too.  I felt bad for my dad though, maybe if I could help him first, we could all play in the sprinkler together, then no one would be too hot… hmmm

I asked my mom if I could help my dad, she recommended that I go outside and ask him.  With that she turned on her heel to go to the laundry/ironing/sewing/hospital room just out of my sight.  

At this point I really wanted to go out back and play in the sprinkler but I told my mom I was going to be with my dad.  

I looked at the front door screen and felt the heat starting to enter the front room on the rays of the sun.  This made me understand why my dad was topless.  In my literal, true, five-year-old mind, I had been raised to believe that girls can do anything that boys can do.

I promptly took off my t-shirt, put it next to my dad’s and headed outside.  My mom didn’t see me take it off because she was checking on my Bear and Walrus at the hospital.

I yelled, “DAAAAAAD! Can I help?”  His back was to me as he was pulling on the cord to get the mower started.

When he turned around to talk to me, he said, “Where’s your shirt?”

“It’s in the house next to yours.  Mom said that I could help you so…. why?”  

He managed to keep a poker face as he walked me back inside the house.  He called for my mom who looked us over.  

“She came out front like this and said that she wanted to help me.”  

I was so proud of myself for being helpful, I couldn’t help but smile.  That’s when my Dad snorted from holding in his laughter.  Okay, now I’m confused.

Now they were both laughing.   My Mom asked me why I took off my t-shirt to go outside.

I replied simply, “Because that’s what Dad does and I wanted to help.”
🎀 It made perfect sense to me. 🎀

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