The Beakers Newsletter 


My husband and I own eight pet chickens.  They are laying hens and free range.  One chicken disappeared about two weeks ago.




January 2, 2017

Rogue Beaker Has Been Discovered!  🐓

     Fans around the globe who adore TheBeakers Are Relieved.

Beaker Management Is Suspicious Of the Circumstances  and what role Missy played.


It was a dark and stormy night. The wind was gusting between forty-five to sixty mph. Manager Ron is quoted as saying, “They went from eight to seven overnight.” No one from the famed Beakers uttered a peep about their missing sister -Missy.

The Management looked and called for her daily. After apparently at least 10 + days they conceded that she was moving on. She could have chosen a different home, gotten lost in the woods, chicknapped, really anything was possible.

Bernadette the Beaker Front Chick, calmed the others by telling them that “Missy Beaker was not going to another brood group. She was probably just lost in the woods…again.”

Management claims to have heard a very low “bok” coming from inside the condo while cleaning the bedding.  Manager (Ron) moved an entire woodpile in an attempt to follow “boks”.  As it turned out, Missy was somehow trapped behind a woodpile inside the Beakers condo. 

Ron (Beaker manager) immediately got her out as fast as possible. “She has lost some weight, but after seeing the broken eggs all around her, Missy had used her survival instincts and ate whatever she could find.”

 The local Pugolice wonder, “Was there any fowl play involved?” They have a lot to go through and interviews to handle.   They are really working this case right now…

Assistant Manager, Brande is getting The Beakers background files organized in an effort to help.  
Bernadette Beaker spread the good news by “boking” their latest number one hit (favorite) song to everyone. “Celebrate Missy home, Missy is home!”

Inquiring minds want to know how no one else heard her?  Will the sisters accept Missy back into their group (brood)?  Will she be willing/able to pin feather any individual who may have had something to do with the woodpile?

More details on how this (horrible) trapping happened and why, will be posted in tomorrow’s The Beakers Newsletter.

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