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Head to Toes

You do realize 

     that I came to you

from too many miles away.

I lose count 

       when I can remember,

the mileage is not a priority .

                  It will matter though

You’re sorry, “There’s nothing we or you can do.  You have a disease that has been assigned a diagnosis.  It has some very painful things which will just have to be dealt with on an as needed basis.  You have the list of symptoms/conditions.     Take your meds for now, we’ll make changes based on your blood work.  Until this can be managed via meds, you will just have to try and make yourself comfortable.”

      It has to show itself for us to tear it apart.

This is the place where 

         I have to start over.

Wondering why.

    The icy roads, the cost of 20 minutes in your office.

Sandwiched between two, one-way highways.

      The radio frequencies are our entertainment.  

We’ve run out of things to say.

My soul whispers words of wisdom.
    Sometimes I’m so afraid 
       Too many of this, too little of that

I counted on you.

I wanted you to say, “We can fix you, it may scare you; battle the fear with fear.  This disease will NOT control you ever again”

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