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What Do You Carry?

The sign said SALE

     upon entering;

The door sign said 20-40% all Summer

     Items only.

The “Sale” items weren’t even close

      to  Price Point of competitors.

I wandered around and took it all in.

     That’s when I saw purses.

Damn!  I have to check them out.

       Oh my, I thought to myself.  

     They were all dreary and lacking style.

When the manager walked by 

      He asked if I needed help.

I shook my head. I was disappointed;

and he said,

     “What do you carry?”

“Oh, usually Coach or Dooney & Burke.”

     “No.” he says “I meant for your gun,

These are ‘Conseal and Carry’ Purses.”

     “Oh!  My bad.  I had no idea.”

He pointed to the sign on the display…



     No thanks.  There’s a cute Betsy Johnson bag at the next stop.

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