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The Medication Metaphor 

You know how wonderful and sacred THE perfect pair of jeans feel??  There’s nothing like it!  Right?  You try to buy them all, but your credit card says, “Not a chance!”  But…

When there are so many types, fabrics, cuts, sizes, designers, that you have tried on; only to find that they aren’t right for you?

That’s like finding the perfect medication (s) for me. I’m still in the dressing room and tossing the misfits over the top of the door for the employee to put away and come back with something else. The meds should do what the perfect pair of jeans does, make me comfortable in my own skin.


My current condition  is soooooooo not me. Sometimes I enjoy napping (not gonna lie), but EVERYTHING else is NOT fun.

*I have diverticulitis– this flares up whenever ???? I don’t know what all of the triggers are and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

*Migraines and constant headaches- those triggers are anything from the barometric pressure, cigarette smoke or food/drink.

*Moody– from hellion to angelic in a snap.

*Food Sensitivities– I could feel super hungry and when I sit down to eat, the smells or food make me nauseous. If I force myself to eat whatever it is, I risk the headaches, diverticulitis, vomit, or flu like symptoms.


*Brain Fog/ Space Cadet Syndrome- I forget a lot.

*Vanity– My hair is falling out, my hands shake so much that mascara is becoming a myth. French Manicures are a thing of the past. Going out in public is quite a production -it takes so much longer.  Thus, my reclusiveness is my choice.

*Strength– Opening travel cups, Gatorade bottles or jars requires help.

*Fatigue– I get tired just riding downstate to doctor appointments.

I can sleep anywhere from 10-14 hours a day.

I’m a mess, and it doesn’t get better (according to research).

Example: last year there was a push for Hypothyroid people with Hashimoto’s to go strictly Paleo and drink green tea three times per day.

But that was last week.

All current research shows that Paleo and green tea have adverse reactions for people with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease medications.

Clearly the medical community is not focused on the disease that was discovered in 1912, then set aside, because WWI was happening began.

It’s funny, I have seen three Primary Care Professionals, who then referred me to an Endocrinologist as well as Psychologist, who then referred to an E.R., then having to be in the hospital (Mid-Michigan) for a week.

The Hospital doctors took me off of all of my medications I mean everything in April/May. Then they started new meds, to be tweaked every 6 weeks based on blood work.

It was recommended that I see my Endocrinologist as soon as I could.  After explaining all that had happened, I was referred to UofM Endocrinology Department.  Aside from the MAYO Clinic, UofM was the best!  I felt like, YES!  I’m going to get what I need (my perfect jeans -metaphor).  They have the best and are the best!

UofM said that I do indeed have everything that I have been diagnosed with (very expensive second maybe sixth opinion). They would do the same six week med trials and tweak accordingly.  (Hello bell bottoms or something else not cute or flattering and equally out of style.).

I actually asked the doctor, “That’s it?  No miracles?  No changes?  Are you sure?  Because like, what you say goes… Plus, I live four hours away!  We drove four hours for a twenty minute appointment?!”  I convinced her to do blood work and call me with the results.  I wasn’t a happy camper.  The drive home was very quiet.

Given no one has the same needs from the thyroid and endocrine system, it’s impossible to prescribe anything perfectly. So until then, I have meds to help me be “comfortable” (equivalent to yoga pants); meanwhile the other meds are supposed to be helping my thyroid (HA!).  There is no cure; therefore no single medication to give to the weak and weary, non-duty, early retirement, housewife.

I take 20 pills a day.

The seizures which started in 2015 were the indicator that I needed to start believing that I might be legitimately, internally sick…

I guess neurological symptoms are the point of no return… the seizures told my doctors that I need more attention (tests, scans, X-rays, lab work, appointment scheduling, etc ) and that if it wasn’t managed, it would get worse for me.

I’m still not sure that everything is being managed.

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