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259,871 +/-

The exact number of people currently watching a live cam in the stall of a very pregnant Giraffe, named April.  That’s a lot of people, especially when part of the process will include the messy parts (placentas, blood, uterus, hoo hoo, etc.)

There are a few different ways to catch the live cam, YouTube, Facebook and Animal Adventure Giraffe Cam.  I have the direct link saved to my desktop so that I don’t have to keep Googling it.  

Don’t get me wrong…  April seems very sweet.  Her baby daddy (Oliver) is in the pen next to her and they canoodle, often.  It’s one thing to be annoyed with canoodling couples, but these are giraffes and it’s cute.  Besides, a month or so ago our minds were focused on an Eagle’s nest to watch baby eaglettes pop out of their shells.  

I am truly trying to understand this societal phenomenon… Therefore my question is….

Why are so many people interested in this? I asked my mom as we were sitting together in my living room, smart phones handy (just in case).  

My mom replied, “I don’t know, maybe it’s because it’s not political or mean. Maybe the rest of the folks watching just want a reason to smile or find something peaceful in the world that they can focus on for a few weeks/days/moments.”

I thought about it. She was spot on! (Get it? It’s a giraffe joke… spots on a giraffe…. lol). Anyway, it was time for dinner, but afterwards, we went back to the live cam on April. I really like what my mom had to say. Kudos Caldwell! 

#giraffe #thankyou #KudosCaldwell  

Now, reality check.  I have seen some really nasty remarks on April’s fb page.  This is one of a few things that is out of your control; I get it.  You are so busy with your “real world” and find this useless… blah blah blah.  

To those people,  I wish that I could say, “What the hell is your problem?  If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!  Don’t ruin this for people who find respite in the innocent way that we all can rely on for just a few minutes -a mental break.  Geez try to find a little bit of joy and wonder within yourself.”  

Oh!  Look!  I did just say it!

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