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135 Yesterday, 95 Today


Yep, that’s right.  My email address is getting way too many messages.  Anyone else in this boat?

I’m not putting this out there for bragging about or fishing for compliments.  I’m putting this out there because I am not going to read them all.  Any coupons, weekly ads, going out of sale ads, or relisting of items that I was outbid on previously are going to my trash and junk.

—-UPDATE—- 112 Emails as of 1:43 pm —-

I prefer emails from family or friends.  There, I said it.  The biggest offenders in my inbox are WalMart and GFS.  Hint*. There’s only two of us and we are not interested in 5 gallons of potato salad, nor products for infants.  I know, I know, I am not the only person they send ads and emails too.  But they can take me off of their lists, for like, ever-ish.  (That’s a word… ever-ish.  I add ish to a lot of words now.  Given that American English is a living language I can make up all kinds of words -if I wanted to; alas I shall stick with ish words for the time being.)


Which brings me to my main objective in this rant…  if brick and mortar stores and  webstores are insisting on emailing me, I would at the very least want the information to relate to either me or my husband.  I know that there are algorithms that exist for this very purpose.  They’re imbedded in those fun, little, member cards.

Again, don’t get me wrong… if you are a real, human, family member or friend, I promise not to put your communications in Junk.  It’s bad enough that I refuse to answer my phones anymore because of the crazy spamming going on.

Honestly I am not sure about which is worse…🤔. The phone ringing incessantly or my inbox stretching itself out so much.  

It’s obvious to consumer’s that sellers are desperately trying to communicate with us all.  Did they all invest in the Nigerian Prince with a great opportunity?  (Haha). 


  • I know that I did not register for a trip to Bermuda, Florida, London or Paris.  
  • I also know that I do not have a Windows based computer which needs an unsolicited computer tech.
  • I am aware that my credit card is doing just fine.  So you must be making the error on your end.
  • I know that my vehicle is not under warranty and that I can purchase a new warranty or vehicle which comes with a brand new warranty.
  • I am not a fax machine.
  • The Nigerian Prince is NOT Raj from The Big Bang Theory; and neither exist in reality.  (Bummer.  I like the character traits of Rajesh Kuthrapoli)

Oh the list is endless at this point…  Sadly so is my patience.  So I shall leave you with these parting words of wisdom.



  • Any word ending with “ish”.
  • No.
  • No thank you.
  • Delete.
  • Unsubscribe.
  • Trash.
  • Just let the machine get it.”

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