My Life Consists of…

I have Autoimmune Disease which exasperated my thyroid gland which brought on Hashimoto’s disease, seizures   M  
and Antigens/ Antibodies.  The antibodies attack healthy tissues and embed themselves so deep that doctors can’t nuke them go away with chemo or radiation because it won’t work.  

My thyroid became hypothyroid and I take over twenty pills per day. The thyroid is like an alternator, without it, the person loses all metabolism, energy and the antibodies get the best of them.  

My brain is experiencing atrophic changes more prominently the upper cerebral convexities. There are several tiny ishpemic foci of microvascular occlusive disease involving the subcortical white matter of the left frontal lobe.

I retired from teaching as a Non-Duty Public School Employee. That was the most heartbreaking part for me. Ya know? Luckily I had twenty years (AZ + MI combined) in, and was vested as a tenure teacher here, in Michigan.
I am declared as a formal PTSD, depression and anxiety person. Yay me!! I’ve been to the best Endocrinologists, Neurologists, Proctologists, Pathologists, Counselors and Specialists in all of MI.

I was originally diagnosed as Hypothyroid, Anemic and Diverticulosis in November 2011. Obviously the list has grown. Now I get told by doctors that hypothyroidism is the easiest cancer. It’s chronic and will lead me to my demise earlier than I probably planned. 

It’s been a struggle -physically and emotionally. My husband does everything now (household chores)and has been a tremendous help / support for me.

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