2012 – today

I have done so much research on all of this. It never leaves my mind. I even have nightmares about it. My diseases are invisible, just like the wind. I can’t see it but I can feel it.

Order of events 2012-today

  • Doctors, doctors, doctors.  All over the state of Michigan.  
  • Lab work every six weeks.  
  • It all started on a summer day in 2012 when I asked my Family Physician about craving salt 24/7.  She ordered my first round of hypothyroid based lab work.

Flu ➡️ lab work ➡️ hypothyroid ➡️ pills ➡️ diverticulitis ➡️ colonoscopy ➡️ pneumonia ➡️ thrombosising hemorhoid ➡️ pills ➡️ lump in right breast ➡️ mammogram ➡️ missed a step while shopping ➡️ fell on concrete ➡️ twisted ankle and concussion ➡️ crutches & Darth Vader boot ➡️ sinusitis ➡️ liquid meds (hurts too much to swallow) ➡️ lab work ➡️ hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s & Autoimmune diseases ➡️ beyond depressed yet anxious at the same time ➡️ pills ➡️ high blood pressure ➡️ pills ➡️ referrals (Endocrinologist, OBGYN, Psych) ➡️ attempted suicide (I was so empty and tired of being stuck in a hamster wheel) ➡️ depression ➡️ seizures ➡️ migraines ➡️ managed to keep all of my doctor appointments ➡️ utter break down ➡️ seizures ➡️ psych appt. ➡️ off charts blood pressure and anxiety attack ➡️ ER ➡️ kept for 6 hours ➡️ transported to different hospital 2 am ➡️ lab work ➡️ changed meds ➡️ Home one week later ➡️ not allowed to return to school ➡️ fill out forms for student loan forgiveness, disability social security and non-duty disability retirement ➡️ ORS -MI approved ➡️Nov.1 ➡️ Retired ➡️ Christmas Eve denial letter for both loan forgiveness and ssa-d ➡️ get a lawyer ➡️ appeal decision to ssa-d ➡️ file for TPD with NelNet ➡️ need MD signature ➡️ diverticulitis again ➡️ colonoscopy ➡️ trip and fall hit back of my head on a large stone ➡️ concussion ➡️ Northridge ➡️ MRI / CAT scan ➡️ referral to Neurologist ➡️ appointment with neuro didn’t help my situation ➡️ still going to counseling twice per month since 2015.

  • No MD or DO onsite for Northridge Family Practice or List Psychological.
  • Endocrinologist: Jean Nelson -Grand Blanc, Jennifer Franzese – UofM
  • Family Physician: Lindsey Grace PA Hale
  • OBGYN: Stephanie Ash -Essexville 
  • Psych: Diane Hobson (Counselor) Bay City
  • Neurologist: Jorge Gonzales Alpena 
  • Prescriptions: Expresscripts Home Delivery Phoenix

No new patients for Oscoda Health Park

Insurance: TriCare 

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