You Asked, I Am Answering

Throughout this super fun (sarcasm) life journey, I have received questions from my readers. I put them all together so that no one feels left out or pointed at. I will not mention names for two reasons. One ☝🏼, it’s just not cool 😎. Two ✌🏼, I might embarrass or offend my well meaning people. 🙅🏼Is it cancer? I have been told both “Yes” and “No”. My test results are not consistent.

Are you going to die from this? Tough question. Everything dies at some point -even humans. I must defer to Robert Fulghum for further discussion.

Have you ever considered that you are a hypochondriac? Mmm yes. I’ve been the “hypochondriac of my family” forever. It’s just until recently (past four years) that my doctors have discovered there really something legitimately wrong.

Have you seen a Psychiatrist? Yes. Have you ever had a brain injury? My MRI tests have been able to dileaniate that my gymnastics and cheerleading lifestyle has left me with a few concussions untended to.

Do you go to the Chiropractor or use Essential Oils? Yes. Yes.

Have you had your water tested for lead or other toxins?Are you Paleo? Yes, water is okay. No I am not on the Paleo trend.

How is your gut health? I have IBS-D. My grandmother did too, so it may be genetics.

Do you have an Endocrinologist? Yes. Do you get car sick? Yes. Dramamine is my friend.

How long does this take? Nobody knows. First they (doctors, specialists and insurance) need to come together for a streamlined process and proceed from there. *🐖 When pigs fly.

Do you take a lot of meds? Yes. I take them as prescribed and communicate with my doctors about whether or not they help. None of them are controlled substances.

Have you had to cut out foods from your diet because they could be the reasons for this? It is a slippery slope. I have a few foods which are banished forever. But I go through cravings and those craving items are the only thing that I can eat or process for a period of time. I think that it has something to do with mineral deficiency.

Which doctors do you have? Not naming names. I have a General Family Practitioner, an Endocrinologist, a Psychologist, a Neurologist, an OB/GYN and more than a couple furry therapists.

Which tests have you done? 1. MRI
2. CT
d work -lab

5. EKG

6. Mammogram

7. Endometrial Ablation

8. X-rays

9. Esophageal

10. Dementia

11. Memory Loss/Amnesia

Do you still have seizures? I heard you had them at the school and never came back. Yes I still have the petite mal seizures. Yes a few happened at the school, during class. I was on Medical Leave for the rest of the school year.

Where do you get your info? I am constantly researching Hypothyroidism, Autoimmune Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, Brain disorders and Atrophy. My main source is the Internet. I go through testimonials, blogs, social media posts and their communities. I read Psychology and other Internal Medicine Journals. I talk to Physicians, people and insurance companies. I watch television when I can. I mostly focus on YouTube with TedTalks, Docu-Series by Physicians in the appropriate fields, and then I watch cat videos. The Psychology Journals recommend that one must find enjoyable things to partake in. I listen to my body. I’ve got my nose in a lot of places I didn’t know existed.

And then I document as much as I feel I can. Did you know that the television series “Bones” Season One, Episode Eight; deals with a victim who has my symptoms?

There is information everywhere but people who have these diseases are seldom taken seriously.

The disease is invisible -like the wind. I can feel it, read about it, lament over it, but I cannot see it. Neither can you.

You just have to believe that no one would willingly go through all of this.

I read Eat Pray Love and Thrive. I use a Fitbit. I stopped drinking milk because of the hormones added. I’ve put on lotions with high SPF. I use a walking stick now…

Dr. Isabella Wentz states,

“I felt like a light inside me had been snuffed out, and I was left to live alone in a dispassionate darkness.”

She goes on to say,

“When this is how you feel, it can be difficult to

describe to others or, even if you can put it into words, for them to understand. And this lack of understanding of course only exacerbates the distance you feel from those around you.

I’ve been told that the condition “breaks the spirit” or makes you feel as though you are “wading through chin-deep mud or quicksand with a load of bricks on your back.” It has also been described to me as “confusing, exasperating, numbing, exhausting” …or as a disease that creates feelings of isolation.”

This is why I write…

I want to help others, be understood, and find the truth.

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