Retiring Together

My health forced a non-duty early retirement and disability (Teaching 20+ years).  My husband has retired from The US Air Force (20 years), as well as, Mechanical Engineering (10 years).

We are still “in love”; but we are also, I don’t know, “Empty-Professionals”, I guess.

It’s like “Empty Nester’s” but for co-workers, not children.   It’s weird.  Our relationship has a new spin.  We are trying to figure out what to do, now.

I think we had decided; time not spoken for by jobs, was to be protected and cherished.  We used to have schedules in which, we might have a few moments together on one day in the upcoming week.  This is the opposite of then.

Now I am home (if not at a doctor appointment -which could take a day), 24/7.  I don’t drive, he does.  So we’re still together on those days too.  He’s a bowling 🎳 enthusiast and keeps that hobby alive and well daily.  He is also the Coach of the local high school program.

If it wasn’t for his hobby, we would be constantly under foot of each other.  Each of us has put in a lot of heart to keeping our little world safe.  And my profession was always in need of someone to do this or that; I never considered retiring at this point in our lives.

I ask myself “Now what?”, a lot.  Doctor appointments can not be the only thing to do each week.  Right?  I am told by my family “Volunteer!”  “Write!”  “Read for fun!”  “Join a dance class!”  “Help out at a shelter or library.”  “Whatever you want and afford!”

To quote Darius Rucker, “Don’t think I don’t think about it.



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