Never Have I Ever

Right off the bat, let me be honest with you. I “never have I ever” had a brand new car. As mentioned in my previous post, we are a “hand-me-down family”, especially when it comes to vehicles.

I was raised on Mustangs from the 1960’s, to be more precise. (Gasp! Awwwww! OMG!). I know, right? The favorite car of Ford was my Driver’s Ed. “try it” car. I have to chalk up this craziness to a momentary lack of forward thinking on the part of my parents. (Sorry)

I was 15 driving a gorgeous light blue, 1966, leaded fuel, am radio, Ford Mustang in 1987. That pony taught me way more than my Driver’s Ed. Book or Teacher ever could imagine.

1. Standard Brakes, Windows, Steering meant pure muscle not power.

2. Railroad Ties are as big and unforgiving as they look. They can and will damage your oil pan.

3. Checking the oil and radiator fluids is as important as putting in the correct fuel. (Sorry dad).

4. There is no wiggle room with the gas needle. If it’s on E you are out of luck and best be wearing comfortable shoes. A walk to the nearest pay phone or gas station is in your immediate future.

5. The Car gets the looks, never the driver. Get over yourself, that car is hot! Not you.

6. Lawn Jockeys are not real humans getting ready to run out into traffic for a big, invisible, beach ball. You need not swerve into on-coming traffic to avoid hitting him after dark, in the Valley of the Sun. This not only scares the shit out of your passenger (mom); it will also alert police in the area to your existence. Neither of which are funny nor productive.

7. Your father will count the miles you put on his car. He knows how far everything is and enjoys doing the math while you squirm because you went to Circle K for a grape Slush Puppy after school, drank it while driving, in his car which has white leather interior. Eeeek! ( I still get goosebumps over that screw up).

8. A Standard “H” is a transmission reference, not a nod your head in agreement, when your pony is an Automatic.

9. Finding an ideal radio station on an am radio is just not in the stars.

10. I love that car!

Since those days, I have had the pleasure of owning a Ford Fairmont (light blue), Mustang (’79, ’86, & ’89) and a Taurus, Infiniti QX4, Explorer (’93, ’05), Escape (’98, ’16) and my signature car Mazda Miata.

I am writing about this for two reasons. First, I started yesterday’s blog with what I have learned from my family. Second, I bought my first (gently used) car from a dealership yesterday! I did it!!!!! 🐾Woo Paw!🐾

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