Thank A Teacher

I see this small sentence on bumper stickers, posters, magnets and all other sorts of things. The irony is that those who use them are 90% teachers! It’s just not right.

The famous athletes and celebrities and normal everyday folks are the one’s I would love to see sporting them. (My opinion).

Next I have to ask myself, where do the retired teachers go? Do they die right away? Do they hide out in their homes? I never see them. Did I ever really see them outside of the classroom during their tenure?

Given the amount of snacks and things they would keep in their desks I would think that they would go to the store somewhere, sometime.

As a retired teacher I was in search of a poem or some sort of writing that encompasses their retired lives sassy or sappy I didn’t care. I just wanted to find that one idea or word choice which encompassed going from Teaching and then sliding into oblivion (or textbook doodles).

I asked my friends for one word answers to “Give me one word that describes being a retired teacher.”

The responses varied from “freedom”, “free”, “adrift”, “anything I want”. There are more but you catch my drift.

There you have it folks! Teachers felt spoken for, tied down, imprisoned, and bathroom break deprived. I also saw this:

Go figure!

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