AFTER THE CLASSROOM by Brande Ellsworth

Teachers never stop 🛑

They start the career.

And retire from a lifestyle ⌛️

They may pack up their classroom. 📦

But books and gifts aren’t all that she’s got. 🕯

She has a hurricane of memories

Held up in her hair

By a pointed pencil. ✏️

Her pockets are full

Of dropped scraps and

Thoughtful delights. 🍬

She’s been independent.

She’s been part of a team.

She’s been tied up with commitment.

She’s been adrift and free.

She’s found comfort and community

She’s found politics and begged for understanding 🎭

She’s been brave

She’s been scared

She’s held back tears when a student shed theirs.

When she leaves the system

She simply can’t believe


She won’t have to wait to pee

She won’t have a last minute meeting

Or have a brand new responsibility.


She’ll be free.

She’ll shop in the same stores

You still won’t recognize her.

Simply because you never did.

She’ll be at your graduation 🎓

In the back as a guest.

When before she was front and center,

One of the very best.


Teachers never stop caring,


and making certain

that her students

move along

safe and strong.

But what she will never

fully realize

is that

her wisdom and her impact

will forever


on. 🎗

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