Brain Fog and Forgetful

Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism

Sometimes I feel like I need to explain these invisible diseases over & over again. Let’s start with the most obvious:

• The definition of invisible is

Look at me….

Really look. Do I look like I have a chronic series of diseases? Be honest. Make-up not with-standing of course. Are my eyes vacant? Do I look Jaundiced? How about tubes and cords? See any of those? Me neither. This is not trick photography. This is me.

Now, examine my blood chemistry. Can you? Are you able? No? Well according to the blood work specialists my chemistry is off by an innumerable percent. I lack moderation in all aspects of absorption. That means, I take a lot of medicines hoping something will “stick” and have a chance to dissolve and work for me. WARNING ⚠️, I’m about to be crude… I can usually notice/ see my whole pills in the toilet after I’ve gone number two.⚠️. What a waste of money, right? Right.

This phenomenon is called Malabsorption.

If the meds don’t absorb there they don’t make it anywhere. Kinda like an old Broadway 🎭 song.

Let’s review: Brande has diseases, you can’t see them but she can feel the myriad of symptoms.

My small intestine doesn’t absorb the medicine to make me better. I am at the will and call of the environment in which I am established at the time. Goody.

I know this. Technically my friends and family know it too. Problem. We all forget. Unless I have my cane, it’s easy to forget. I have good and bad days/ moments. I usually don’t have much of a warning. If you are a victim of hot flashes and insta-migraines, you may understand how fast and hardcore my symptoms hit me.

So why am I writing about this again? Simple. I forget. I try to do things like I used to, and get so angry when I can’t. I have to remind myself. So, if I need to be reminded or re-enlightened, you must need to as well.

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