My Body is NOT Cooperating (part two).


My Body is NOT Cooperating (part two).

My first attempt at explaining this phenomenon is a part of book one. Yet here we go again. Thank you “White Snake” for those wise lyrics.

It all started this time on Sunday morning before the sunrise. I was awake at 2:40 am with a headache. I took my medicine specifically for headaches and went back to sleep.

By the time I was up for the day (6:30 am ish), I felt much better. It had been raining all day and night Saturday so I should have expected the humidity. I did, actually. It was the rest of me that took a nose dive into Hashimoto’s Oblivion.

By 11 am I felt terrible and sought out the assistance of a masseuse. The Festival was full of them! I chose the closest one to my booth and threw myself down for the hook up.

She took out her crystals and stones and went to work on me. She did say, “This is going to hurt. Will your have time to rest tomorrow?”

“Yes. Just fix me now and I’ll deal with the aftermath tomorrow. Please?”

“Okay. But you will more than likely feel out of sorts late today and probably for the next three days.”

Plop! I was on her massage table.

She did an Esteric massage. That means, it wasn’t the usual touchy-feely type. However, it did kick my ass; and it didn’t wait until late afternoon to knock me out. I had to turn everything over to my mom and leave the Festivities early. I got back to my hotel room and (for all sakes and purposes) passed out for about three hours. The following days were just as difficult to manage. I’m certain that I will be back to a healthier me soon.

I think the moral of this story is that my body is still healing. (I hope) and it needs to be “Esteric-ed” further down the road or at least not when I’m hurting already. I went to a masseuse to feel better and my body did not cooperate.

Ya know what! These days I’m getting really sick and tired of being sick and tired. 👹

A really good friend told me that I have got to learn how to work smarter with my body. That people around me have to learn that I am different now. My body and personality are going through some really big changes that I cannot sweep up and toss out. I think she’s right.

So for those who have known me and loved me, I would love your continued support. And to those who have just gotten to know me these past two or three years, thank you for loving me, for who I am today.

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