6/27/19: The Isle of Women

Once upon a time, long ago and far away there is an Isle of Women. It has been said in old folklore that when women were menstrating, with child (illegitimate), Adulteresses, and women whom having had met their maximum usage -via age and ability; were all sent away from their Village to live amongst themselves on the Isle of Women for the remainder of their years on Earth (except for the menstrating young women).

The women usually left their homes with just the clothing on their backs and food that they carried.

Of course this cloaked migration of women usually included the one’s with sage wisdom and especially those who were childless and going through what we now call “Menopause”.

Being barren was a huge deal back then so the fact that they lived long enough to be sent away on their final relocation is quite astounding.

By them being gone, it gave the local men of the tribes/ villages a chance to procreate with the younger females and continue their legacy.

Basically, few women lived long enough for men to find useful in such harsh conditions. True love was seldom a factor of couples. Most were betrothed.

The new village of older women would usually have an abundance of medicines created out of necessity and become mistakenly referenced as witches. The young women who finished their menses would return to their villages with fantastic stories seldom shared with the men and a new knowledge of wonder which proved helpful in midwifery.

Thank gooodness we don’t do that anymore! Alas, I do feel a cloak is needed for myself now though, I have been diagnosed, by a well respected doctor in the field of Endocrinology, with Menopause. *SHOCK! GASP! AWE!

I got a lab slip but no ticket to the “Isle of Women”. What am I going to do now? Just live as I was, prior to yesterday? Is that possible?

I’ve read that women have been able to use P.M.S. and Menopause as defense strategies within our current court system. The hormonal upheaval can and apparently has caused all sorts of problems for men to understand and learn to cope with. Which in turn causes the women in their lives to kill, maim, or hurt them.

It’s crazy!

I’m frustrated. I know that Menopause is not the end of the universe anymore. I also know that the age range is right. But jeez does it have to be now? My husband admitted that he’s “not loving the idea” either. Who wants to live with someone with these symptoms?

Whole body: fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, osteoporosis, or sweating

Sleep: early awakening or insomnia

Also: anxiety, dry skin, irritability, moodiness, reduced sex drive.

Just to name a few.

Where is my island?

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