It just hit me…

A Time of Celebration

You know, the (my) Church congregation started separating when we stopped eating together-whether it was “Red Rooster Restaurant” or wherever. (Naturally) That was before the Pandemic 😷.

For some reason, “breaking bread” together was such a big piece in our group loyalty.
That is true in both Testaments as well. The Disciples, the multi-families, the Courts…
All seemed to revolve around mealtimes. That’s when ideas came to light, were discussed, and decided.


The apple in Genesis. 🍎


It defines our relationships with God and each other.



Celebrations. Consolations. Considerations. Definitions. Judgements. Punishments. Fear. Love. Life.


A necessity for life…

A simple conductor for death.


Heart Healthy for Those You Love

Advertising. Support. Proof. Health. It’s all there. Addiction included. Oh what a tangled web… Now it becomes Control. Disgust. Trepidation.


Food. What? Afraid you might actually like it?

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