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~Defining Myself

{Minus Labels}

Anxious impressions,

Dreamt Strength,

Mindful goodbyes.



It just hit me…

A Time of Celebration

You know, the (my) Church congregation started separating when we stopped eating together-whether it was “Red Rooster Restaurant” or wherever. (Naturally) That was before the Pandemic 😷.

For some reason, “breaking bread” together was such a big piece in our group loyalty.
That is true in both Testaments as well. The Disciples, the multi-families, the Courts…
All seemed to revolve around mealtimes. That’s when ideas came to light, were discussed, and decided.


The apple in Genesis. 🍎


It defines our relationships with God and each other.



Celebrations. Consolations. Considerations. Definitions. Judgements. Punishments. Fear. Love. Life.


A necessity for life…

A simple conductor for death.


Heart Healthy for Those You Love

Advertising. Support. Proof. Health. It’s all there. Addiction included. Oh what a tangled web… Now it becomes Control. Disgust. Trepidation.


Food. What? Afraid you might actually like it?


7/19/19: Smile 😀

I thought of you today

And I smiled 😀

I remembered your watchful gaze

From just the other day.

I know you so well

And I smile 😀

You look out for me

While managing to make life

Look easy.

Your warmth and love

Make me smile 😀

Your eyes tell me

That you love me.

How did I get so lucky?

How did I fall so hard

For a pair of brown eyes

I thought my heart had a formidable guard.

But then I see you

And I smile 😀

I think of you

And I smile 😀

I smell or feel your presence

And I smile 😀

You have everything I need

And I smile 😀


The Pink Lady Gets A Wake Up Call

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7-13-19: Just the Other Day

I went to an Endocrinologist for an establishment appt. and he tried to convince me that my prior diagnosis’s were all incorrect. I was so angry 😤.

I have years and documents from other doctors and professionals which back up my hypotheses of having Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Disease, Adrenal Fatigue and Autoimmune Disease.

One of my favorite doctors told me “You know, sometimes the rules just don’t apply.” when my bloodwork came back as “normal”.

The only normal I can believe in is my Maytag Dryer setting.

At least I know my body better than that guy seemed to assume he did.

I just feel bad for other folks who get misdiagnosed all the time, hence not getting what they really need. Ya know?

My book The Pink Lady Gets A Wake Up Call addresses this conundrum.

Doesn’t it make you wonder where and why the education of the doctors who are giving the misdiagnosed really come from? Which type of rock do they thrive under?! It makes me wonder.