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6-14-19 Coffee & Cats (a humorous look at my mornings).

Coffee and cats

Who is to say

How these cats know

What’s in my cup each day.

But they do

Or at least they must

Because when my cup is set down,

It’s secret is a bust.

I keep my cup covered

To help in case of a spill

That is inevitable

With a swipe and a grin.

I swear my cats grin

When they swipe at my cup

The dogs wait under the edge

Of the table looking up

I think that they

are in cahoots

The cats swipe

The dogs lick

Nothing is sacred

From the juice they pick.

So I actually got a sign

From my husband

That says

“Do not leave food unsupervised!”

Because of the cats

My cups of coffee

And the puddle that lies

(On the floor.)

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It’s Tough

It’s tough to watch

And I wonder

“What’s next”?

The USA Education

is a bust today.

But, can everyone

say “I did my best”?


We know about

the original policies,

And we see the one

room school houses

The latest policies

and real academics

have no place

and have since eased,

We teach to

Standardized Tests,📝


number 2 pencils✏️

and a bunch of

changing rules.✅


Teachers and staff

are forbidden

to discipline,

And yet, parents

want/ need someone to blame.

All of this is tiresome

and gets under my skin,

My mind can only see

the Federally banned novel📚

by Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 (‘s)



It’s not the guns,🔫


or violent games,🕹

It’s the kids📰

always pushing the limits

and the relentless

childish arguing🗯

for their rights

which means

calling the

“adults'” bluff.


Therefore, empty threats,

the toys,

the distinction

and the fears

of what a child may claim

to law enforcement

and be separated

for years and years.

We all need to stand up,

learn the word “No“,

mean it,

have powerful support⚙️

and scream “Enough!”


The USA Dept. of Education

needs a major


Artificial Intelligence (A.I.),







and cell…


However, staying out of touch,

ignoring the confrontation,

being politically correct,

loses the purpose

of the brick & mortar,

Community, safe place.

All of this

Really puts today’s students

into a decision:

real life vs. hell?


I am aghast

at the thought

of arming school staff,

We have classes of 40+ students now.

All hyped up on sugar

and shots of caf (feine)…

I was brought up

in a different time.

Now it’s too easy to get lost

& feel contempt,

toward those who take

the class down.

This is NOT

what I went to college for.


So this retired

Kindergarten, Grades 7-12 Teacher


With the U.S. Dept. of Education

to stop putting the future

in our past,

It doesn’t belong there.

This and those

future generations

will only

go elsewhere.


And remember

that one kid

who got lost

and allowed the hate

to last?


Won’t accept any blame.

Because it’s tough out there.

The attention and fame,

Are all sudden,


and wonderously



Fifteen minutes of fame

taste oh-so-sweet.

The media’s view above

and below

cannot be beat.

The echoes of Sirens will

sound up and down

the streets.

The past

and future

finally meet.

⚡️👩🏼‍💻👨🏻‍💻 🌎🧝🏼‍♀️🧝🏽‍♂️⚡️🤼‍♂️🗽       🏰⚔️⚖️ 

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Flower Beds

I’ve always loved flowers.

As I have rolled myself into “adulthood”,  I have discovered that I prefer flowers in their semi-natural beds.  A lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people, in my town, are Master Gardeners. I figured that growing my own flowers would be a nice hobby.

Plus, I would have a reason to go outside and get my Vitamin D too. Win, win!

I decided to try gardening.  The key word here is try.

I now understand why gardeners threaten trespassers with their lives. The frustration and anger of one little, beautiful and helpless flower being stepped on is a legitimate defense – or at least it should be.

Dear Master Gardeners, I apologize for dancing on your Daffodils and ignoring the placement of your Irises.

Day One:  First we (me, husband, mother). had to weed and Roto-till the spaces for the separate areas for the different beds. Within ten minutes we voted and all chipped in to hire the neighbor kid to do it. He did. Whew!

Day Two:  Cover all exposed areas with black paper…. “hey neighbor!”

Day Three:  My mother came over to help me roll out pre-seeded lavender bed rolls ordered from Groupon. I supposedly had 50,000 seeds so at least one seedling had to work.

Create amazing decor for the flower beds: ummm… skip.

Maintenance: Keep checking on the Groupon guaranteed Rolls. Luckily I could look into my garden from the air conditioned living room to check on it daily.

Water: We still have our timer from Christmas lights, that will work. Or so I thought… Ok not really… my garden was flooded by; oh I’d say five days into this. We now had quicksand.

I could see the neighbor kids’ foot prints in the sand puddling with water. I simply needed to turn off the timer… Done.

It was supposed to be a very rainy week anyway.

Weeds: The weeds grew and grew. They were taller than me and had nothing to do with or about the water or lavender.

I have NOT seen even one plant of my Groupon 💯 guarantee. My neighbor kid is going to be so mad when he comes back from Boot Camp!

All involved read the directions from Groupon carefully…

My mother and I re-read the directions… no lavender.

  • <<<<<<<<<<
    hoped that there would be a “💥🌿🌱💜 Sea Of Lavender 💥 💜 🌿🌱💥 ” in my garden, and it was going to be beautiful. Alas no purple waves, no sea, no see.
      • I waited.
      • I watched.
      • I asked people who had lavender.
      • I traveled to the other side of the state, with my mother to go to a Certified Lavender Farm!
      • I read books 📚.
      • I had it all planned!
      • Would you believe that there isn’t anything resembling lavender in their area???
      • There’s nothing!
      • What did I do wrong??

      Well… it wasn’t until I realized that I physically couldn’t do much more than trap my neighbor kid, tell him how sick I am, get him to do the hard stuff, and then flood everything while he was in boot camp; that maybe I was a bit overzealous about my new hobby.

      I couldn’t muster up the energy to be a gardener. I am just too sensitive to temperatures, brightness, bug bites, bending over and everything it takes to grow flowers purposefully.

      I had one job. One ☝️. Discover and create a beautiful garden. I failed. My husband knew how upsetting it was for me. He took me to the cute little store in Bay City and I found a bunch of fake flowers (lavender of course) to purchase and enjoy at home.

      Sometimes mental health is brushed aside when a physical task fails. I mean, who goes through the fuss and anticipation of a project wanting to be a failure? It’s a tough pill to swallow. His actions, my mom’s help and of course the neighbor kid were here working their butts off because my symptoms made me miserable while the heat only exasperated them. They did all of that in my best interest. So Thank You!

      I guess my body health (brain included) needs some more time to hopefully heal. When it will let me know; remains to be seen.

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      135 Yesterday, 95 Today


      Yep, that’s right.  My email address is getting way too many messages.  Anyone else in this boat?

      I’m not putting this out there for bragging about or fishing for compliments.  I’m putting this out there because I am not going to read them all.  Any coupons, weekly ads, going out of sale ads, or relisting of items that I was outbid on previously are going to my trash and junk.

      —-UPDATE—- 112 Emails as of 1:43 pm —-

      I prefer emails from family or friends.  There, I said it.  The biggest offenders in my inbox are WalMart and GFS.  Hint*. There’s only two of us and we are not interested in 5 gallons of potato salad, nor products for infants.  I know, I know, I am not the only person they send ads and emails too.  But they can take me off of their lists, for like, ever-ish.  (That’s a word… ever-ish.  I add ish to a lot of words now.  Given that American English is a living language I can make up all kinds of words -if I wanted to; alas I shall stick with ish words for the time being.)


      Which brings me to my main objective in this rant…  if brick and mortar stores and  webstores are insisting on emailing me, I would at the very least want the information to relate to either me or my husband.  I know that there are algorithms that exist for this very purpose.  They’re imbedded in those fun, little, member cards.

      Again, don’t get me wrong… if you are a real, human, family member or friend, I promise not to put your communications in Junk.  It’s bad enough that I refuse to answer my phones anymore because of the crazy spamming going on.

      Honestly I am not sure about which is worse…🤔. The phone ringing incessantly or my inbox stretching itself out so much.  

      It’s obvious to consumer’s that sellers are desperately trying to communicate with us all.  Did they all invest in the Nigerian Prince with a great opportunity?  (Haha). 


      • I know that I did not register for a trip to Bermuda, Florida, London or Paris.  
      • I also know that I do not have a Windows based computer which needs an unsolicited computer tech.
      • I am aware that my credit card is doing just fine.  So you must be making the error on your end.
      • I know that my vehicle is not under warranty and that I can purchase a new warranty or vehicle which comes with a brand new warranty.
      • I am not a fax machine.
      • The Nigerian Prince is NOT Raj from The Big Bang Theory; and neither exist in reality.  (Bummer.  I like the character traits of Rajesh Kuthrapoli)

      Oh the list is endless at this point…  Sadly so is my patience.  So I shall leave you with these parting words of wisdom.



      • Any word ending with “ish”.
      • No.
      • No thank you.
      • Delete.
      • Unsubscribe.
      • Trash.
      • Just let the machine get it.”

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      How do you explain 

           Butterflies in your tummy?

      Or how you just know 

           That it’s all going to be ok?

      How do you accept an unexpected 

           loss which shatters your soul?

      Why didn’t you know?


      26 letters, Acceptance, Agree to disagree, Air Conditioner, Attitude, Awkward, Books, Brat, Candy, Captain Obvious, Car, Cheetos, Cleanliness, Control, Cost, Crap!, Education, Empty, Fate, Food, Future, Galileo, Gas Card, Glass, Glimmer, Growth, Hat, Hot! Hot! Hot!, Husband, Hypothyroidism, Idiosyncrasy, Learning, Life, Life changes, Light, Logic, Love, Magic, Magnifying, Marriage, Me, Mess, Minimal, MiniMart, Moon, Moving On, My bad!, Nap, Not worth the headache, Nothing, Oops!, Organized, Overheated, Paid, Past, Play nice, Playlist, Present, Purses, Quirk, Rationale, Respect, Senses, Silence, Socks, Soul, Sun, Sunrises, Sunsets, Sweat 💦, Telepathy, Tradition!, Two Sides, Unconditional, Warmth, Windows, Wow, Writing

      What I learned this past week… 

      Every once in awhile I think it’s important to share my lessons learned with anyone who wants to save themselves from actually having to figure these things out on their own.  It’s the end of July and I am fried.  (July 24th – 30th 2017).

      Allow me to explain.

      Contrary to popular belief, North East Michigan has “Summer” like everywhere else.  Sometimes it is just a temperature thing.  Other times the humidity kicks in with the high temperatures.  And naturally there are days of lower temperatures and high humidity.    This past week was the perfect storm of high temperatures plus humidity.  For me, this means ‘stay inside with the air conditioner’.

      I am heat sensitive.  I get nauseous and zapped of any energy I might have had prior to stepping outside.  This situation will eventually become a Migraine.  But that’s nothing new.   I just wanted to offer some background information for you.

      So, I already said it was mostly miserable outside (all week).  My attempts to find some respite were genuine…

      For example:


       When in the vehicle I wore dark sunglasses 😎.  However, it is important to remove the sunglasses when going inside a bank.  Talk about awkward.  Everyone gets all quiet and tense -especially if it’s not a branch you regularly use.  I swear I do not have any connection to the unabomber.  I just have a headache. 

      Gas Stations 

      Next, I have found that grocery shopping and really any kind of shopping can be done in gas stations.  (Although all gas stations are not created equal.  The good one’s are out there!)  You can get lottery tickets, cappuccino, hoodies, chips, sandwiches, booze, home decor and jewelry all in one place.  So if you have forgotten something-like deodorant or phone charging cables, stop by the gas station with a store.  You will be pleasantly surprised. 



      My husband and I have decided that driving while eating is a mess just waiting to happen.  So when we were en route to the various appointments this past week, we would choose a place with a dining area.  We have also determined that fast food meals cost as much as restaurant meals.  Therefore we usually aim for ‘real’ food establishments.  (I don’t want to get in trouble for last epiphany, you know what I mean.). If I order a chicken sandwich, I want to be able to recognize the chicken. 


      Inside the vehicle

      The ability to determine a comfortable air temperature for two or more people is tricky.  It takes skill.  Moving the vents is almost always the best thing in these circumstances.  It’s bad if the car is too hot/cold for all.  In this case, all vents were on me.  I was in heaven. 

      Radio and music.  

      Being where we are we can tap into the local stations.  What happens though when we are out of range? This is where Playlists come in.  Prior to hand held devices, which play whatever you have stored in them, there were 8Tracks, Cassettes and Compact Discs.  All of which were based on one band.  Luckily the Playlist is usually a unique or eclectic mix of songs, podcasts, comedy or whatever.  So, whomever is in charge of the music needs to be attentive to others’ likes/dislikes.


      When booking a hotel ahead of time that is part of a national chain, be certain to notice which one you chose.  Why there are two Red Roof Hotels within two miles of each other is beyond me.  That situation is just begging for customer chaos.  Threatening the desk clerk of the hotel you thought you booked, but didn’t, is unacceptable.  You have to laugh off the confusion and pray that the one you didn’t book has availability and the one you accidentally booked (up the road a bit) is flexible with canceling.  Otherwise driving those two miles, after finding out about the mix up, can be very uncomfortable. (I think Best Westerns do it too -have more than one in a small town.) 


      What to bring.  

      Well it was just an overnight visit so I kept it simple.  At least that’s what I thought I did.  I had my paperwork, meds, purse, pillow, top and skivvies.  No problem.  My husband asked if I had everything (my travel bag was lighter than usual).  One bag packing…  that was my goal.  He seemed skeptical.  

      I was proud of myself… until approximately 90 minutes into the three hour drive.  Now, when the driver is on the road with comfortable atmosphere and the passenger gasps and starts looking around the car and bag packed next to him; he goes on full alert.  What did he miss???? An animal in the ditch?  A speed trap by local law enforcement?  Wrong direction?  (These are just the things I assume he was trying to figure out…  ). 

      I had to admit (out loud) that I forgot a ton of stuff and he rolled his eyes.

      When we stopped at the gas station within ten minutes, I was so relieved.  He was too, but in a totally different way.  

      I had forgotten to pack deodorant, hair spray, pajamas, book, flat iron, shampoo, lotion, lip gloss and mascara.  Good ol’ gas station store is going to save me.  Well I got the deodorant, hairspray and lotion at least.  I even got him a lottery ticket and a box of his favorite candy.  (He didn’t share any of his candy with me.  Not one bit.  Hmph.). 
      So bring it all.  

      Don’t try to stuff your personal maintenance necessities into one bag.  If you need two, take two.  There is no shame in needing tools when being presentable.  My husband was muttering “I thought it was too easy.  You with one bag… should have known.  Ha!”


      Do not poke the bear.  

      I was bored.  We still had to go back home.  Another three – four hours in the car within twelve hours.  I was getting car sick and thought that if I could focus on something else, my gag reflex would settle down.  I swear my husband can read my mind.  Out of the side of his mouth without even looking at me, he said, “Do not even think I will put up with your need to entertain yourself at my expense.  I will pull over and leave you wherever you land.” 

      Bummer.  I suppose a dud lottery ticket and box of candy only goes so far.

      Nap time.

      This past week put over 800 miles on my Explorer with my husband at the helm.  The different appointments were all over the state from Ann Arbor to Hale with stops along the way.  He got us everywhere safely and didn’t leave me anywhere (bonus*).  

      I count my blessings💫 at times like these.  We have a reliable vehicle, money for gas/hotel/food, and each other.  Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don’t.  We are comfortable together and have perhaps learned something new about each other before the day is done.  💞

      ✨Blessed indeed.✨

      Acceptance, Attitude, Autoimmune diseases, Awkward, Bare, Black, Books, Brat, Calculating, Captain Obvious, Cleanliness, Control, Crap!, Cry, Darwinist, Diets, Education, Empty, Fate, Food, Fur-ever, Future, Galileo, Growth, Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism, Idiosyncrasy, Judge & Jury, Learning, Life, Life changes, Light, Literary Devices, Logic, Love, Magic, Magnifying, Manager, Me, Mess, Minimal, Mirrors, Moving On, My bad!, Nap, Naturalist, Not worth the headache, Nothing, Oops!, Organized, Paranoid?, Past, Pets, Play nice, Present, Quirk, Rationale, Relentless, Respect, Scrutiny, Senses, Shattered, Silence, Soul, Tears 😭, Two Sides, Warmth, White, Windows, Wow, Writing

      Be Gentle With Yourself.

      The title of this post references one of my favorite pieces of writing, The Desiderata.  No one can confirm or deny the author and date of publication, but I don’t think that I would have it differently regardless of those details.  

      I have not heeded it’s simple words.  

      I am not gentle with myself.  I am cruel, degrading and relentless in my mind to myself.   


      True story:  I received a compliment from a retail worker.  (She claims that I always wear the cutest tops.). I was in a gourmet cupcake shoppe.  I smiled at her, thanked her, and then in the same tone of voice -calm, quiet, sweet, and said “I hate myself actually, mostly my body.  I shop for tops all of the time.  My arms are the worst.  So I try to only get 3/4 length sleeves… 

      It took a few more moments of drivel before I noticed her again.  I had gone inside myself and starting pointing to various areas of imperfection; kind of like a flight attendant pointing out emergency exits.  

      Back to reality.  She was still there and I was honestly surprised that she hadn’t moved on to another customer.  I didn’t say all of that to garner an unearned second compliment.  Which is good because I think she was too surprised with my response, she didn’t know what to say.  I smiled, lowered my head to acknowledge that days’ blouse.  

      I apologized for the commentary and reached for my cupcake.  Which, by the way, I had lost interest in.  It was only going to make things worse.  

      (Why is this blue?)


      See what I mean about failing to be gentle with myself?    I’m pretty sure that I had offended her and quickly added that to my self degradation list.  (Loser, quit offending nice people).

      I don’t have some awful sin to atone.  I just said what I was thinking and am always thinking.  I have to be more careful in the future with this type of situation.  I would rather fix my response than use that energy on accepting myself.  Oh the irony.

      Does everyone else do this too?  You know, hate themselves 24/7?  Is there a brain cell that allows this?  Is it a depression thing?  How about female?  Maybe a need for perfection sets me off.


      Today I was trying to laminate a card with packaging tape so that I could hang it up somewhere…  I wanted it to be in it’s original state for as long as possible.  But the stupid tape wasn’t very cooperative.   Here I am, trying to get control of the tape and it sticks to the card all weird.  Bubbles, creases, imperfect lines which show overlapping.  I could just kick myself.  The oh-so precious card wasn’t perfect anymore.  I had screwed that up too.  Upon closer inspection I noticed that there is black dog hair stuck too.  Check it out…

      Perfect -Ha!

      Curious about the front of the card?  I mean, it mattered so much that I was trying to preserve it…

      My favorite part 🎀

      See?  I told you I messed it up.  Again with irony.  (*sigh)

      Creases and tears in the tape.  It will never be perfect now.  Which is okay -for a card, right?

      I love her!
      Black Pug -fur shedder.