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Flower Beds

I’ve always loved flowers.

As I have rolled myself into “adulthood”,  I have discovered that I prefer flowers in their semi-natural beds.  A lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people, in my town, are Master Gardeners. I figured that growing my own flowers would be a nice hobby.

Plus, I would have a reason to go outside and get my Vitamin D too. Win, win!

I decided to try gardening.  The key word here is try.

I now understand why gardeners threaten trespassers with their lives. The frustration and anger of one little, beautiful and helpless flower being stepped on is a legitimate defense – or at least it should be.

Dear Master Gardeners, I apologize for dancing on your Daffodils and ignoring the placement of your Irises.

Day One:  First we (me, husband, mother). had to weed and Roto-till the spaces for the separate areas for the different beds. Within ten minutes we voted and all chipped in to hire the neighbor kid to do it. He did. Whew!

Day Two:  Cover all exposed areas with black paper…. “hey neighbor!”

Day Three:  My mother came over to help me roll out pre-seeded lavender bed rolls ordered from Groupon. I supposedly had 50,000 seeds so at least one seedling had to work.

Create amazing decor for the flower beds: ummm… skip.

Maintenance: Keep checking on the Groupon guaranteed Rolls. Luckily I could look into my garden from the air conditioned living room to check on it daily.

Water: We still have our timer from Christmas lights, that will work. Or so I thought… Ok not really… my garden was flooded by; oh I’d say five days into this. We now had quicksand.

I could see the neighbor kids’ foot prints in the sand puddling with water. I simply needed to turn off the timer… Done.

It was supposed to be a very rainy week anyway.

Weeds: The weeds grew and grew. They were taller than me and had nothing to do with or about the water or lavender.

I have NOT seen even one plant of my Groupon 💯 guarantee. My neighbor kid is going to be so mad when he comes back from Boot Camp!

All involved read the directions from Groupon carefully…

My mother and I re-read the directions… no lavender.

  • <<<<<<<<<<
    hoped that there would be a “💥🌿🌱💜 Sea Of Lavender 💥 💜 🌿🌱💥 ” in my garden, and it was going to be beautiful. Alas no purple waves, no sea, no see.
      • I waited.
      • I watched.
      • I asked people who had lavender.
      • I traveled to the other side of the state, with my mother to go to a Certified Lavender Farm!
      • I read books 📚.
      • I had it all planned!
      • Would you believe that there isn’t anything resembling lavender in their area???
      • There’s nothing!
      • What did I do wrong??

      Well… it wasn’t until I realized that I physically couldn’t do much more than trap my neighbor kid, tell him how sick I am, get him to do the hard stuff, and then flood everything while he was in boot camp; that maybe I was a bit overzealous about my new hobby.

      I couldn’t muster up the energy to be a gardener. I am just too sensitive to temperatures, brightness, bug bites, bending over and everything it takes to grow flowers purposefully.

      I had one job. One ☝️. Discover and create a beautiful garden. I failed. My husband knew how upsetting it was for me. He took me to the cute little store in Bay City and I found a bunch of fake flowers (lavender of course) to purchase and enjoy at home.

      Sometimes mental health is brushed aside when a physical task fails. I mean, who goes through the fuss and anticipation of a project wanting to be a failure? It’s a tough pill to swallow. His actions, my mom’s help and of course the neighbor kid were here working their butts off because my symptoms made me miserable while the heat only exasperated them. They did all of that in my best interest. So Thank You!

      I guess my body health (brain included) needs some more time to hopefully heal. When it will let me know; remains to be seen.

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      How do you explain 

           Butterflies in your tummy?

      Or how you just know 

           That it’s all going to be ok?

      How do you accept an unexpected 

           loss which shatters your soul?

      Why didn’t you know?





      She grabs her magazines
      She packs her things and she goes

      She leaves the pictures hanging on the wall, she burns all

      Her notes and she knows, she’s been here too few years

      To feel this old
      He smokes his cigarette, he stays outside ’till it’s gone

      If anybody ever had a heart, he wouldn’t be alone

      He knows, she’s been here too few years, to be gone
      And we always say, it would be good to go away, someday

      But if there’s nothing there to make things change

      If it’s the same for you I’ll just hang
      The trouble understand, is she got reasons he don’t

      Funny how he couldn’t see at all, ’til she grabbed up her coat

      And she goes, she’s been here too few years to take it all in stride

      But still it’s much too long, to let hurt go (you let her go)

      And we always say, it would be good to go away, someday

      But if there’s nothing there to make things change

      If it’s the same for you I’ll just hang

      The same for you

      I’ll always hang

      Well I always say, it would be good to go away

      But if things don’t work out like we think

      And there’s nothing there to ease this ache

      But if there’s nothing there to make things change

      If it’s the same for you, I’ll just hang

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      36 Hours -Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…

      Yep, it’s true.  My husband went to a bowling tournament and I stayed home, alone for 36 hours.  When we met I had been living alone 36 months.  So why were the past 36 hours a bit lonely? 

      Pug one?  Check!  Pug two?  Check!  Pug three?  Check!  Pomeranian?  Check!  Cats?  Check! Check! Check!  So I guess I wasn’t completely alone…  We went through the motions of any other Friday.  Saturday was spent checking on chickens and going to the pharmacy.  Yet neither felt normal.

      When I woke up throughout the late hours of the dark night, I noticed that he wasn’t with me.  I couldn’t hear him mumble or breathe.  The dogs and cats felt it too.  They were on high alert as soon as it became dark.  

      So why am I writing about this?  I need to know what it is…  Was I lonely?  Was I sad?  Was I feeling something that has yet to be named?  All I know is that I was out of sorts and didn’t sleep worth a damn.  I made three dozen breakfast muffins this morning.  Not sure who for.  I collected freshly laid chicken eggs and brought the trash can from the curb to the garage.   I even shoveled the wrap-around deck!  None of these things had to be handled this weekend.  They were just the result of being alone.

      My husband noticed my vehicle in the pharmacy parking lot and decided to surprise me in the store.  He found me in the vitamin aisle and as soon as I felt him, I turned around and reached for him.  My mind wandered into a type of click-lock comfort.  We were still in sync.  

      We are both home again and all is normal. The dogs and cats are no longer on alert, and the chickens are doing whatever it is that chickens do.  I hope to get a decent night’s sleep.  If not, I will at least know that he’s home… In my heart as much as in our bed.  Would you like an oatmeal blueberry muffin?



      Pugs & Pillows

      What is the deal with Pugs?  They are popular enough to take over the Super Bowl marketing demographic.  The entire demographic.  You can find them in Social Media, Doritos ads, Mountain Dew ads, interior design and furniture store ads.  Just to name a few…  I see some right now, in my lap.  

       Oh yes, I am one of those lucky pug parents.  They make my world spin, and I keep their world comfortable.  These little lovers are amazing.  They sleep 15-20 hours each day -snuggling anyone who happens to be nearby.  They are small enough to travel within commercial  regulations.  They listen to everything I say; the head tilts show the interest level.    Granted, they can’t take on another animal or intruder; but I wouldn’t want them to.  I couldn’t live with myself if they (pugs) got hurt.  I cringe and hug my snoring, lap warmers at just the thought of it.

      My friends discuss Crate Training with their dogs.  I respond with details and pictures of the cutest pillow I recently purchased for my snorting fur babies.  My sister and her family go hiking and camping with her Australian Shepards.  I drive to Starbucks with my darlings dressed to impress (who doesn’t adore a pug in a sweater?).  My sweet children of fur rule the roost and I have no problem with it. 

      Road trip!
      You see, for me, this breed has stolen my heart.  I love that they have become the divas of advertising.  These four legged, snorting, attentive, loving balls of fur are my home-sweet-home.  I find their snorts and snores endearing. 
      And honestly, I feel honored that they choose my lap over any fancy pillow, every chance they get.  The pillows are for them when my lap is not available anyway.



      New Year trial… Blogging… Am I missing something that good writers use?

      My goal is to write everyday.  Maybe it will be a line or two.  Maybe it will be a paragraph, essay, poem, etc.

      1-2-16:  hello.  It’s me.

      Cloudy skies fill my mind as well as the horizon.

      Snow on the ground equates comfort and anticipation.

      Weather always seems to control my physical well-being.

      Too hot – miserable.

      Too cold -there is no such thing.